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I got a quarter in my pocket, won’t you tell me what I should do?  Should I put it in the phone and come crawling home to you?  Should I put it in the jukebox and play another heartbreak song?  I’m leaning towards the latter and I really hate being alone


This song is in my head.
not sure why, it just popped in there.

I feel that way today, like I am full of loose change.
indecision I guess…..

I want to go back to school but I am terrified of failing.
I want to do something different from what I am doing in my job.

but I am almost 50 years old and I have this fear of ‘who would want to hire me’  in this day and age where jobs are hard to come by?

yes I am a wimp.
A baby basically, very afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new.
to spread my wings……..

on a different note, I am reading this book that I talked about last week about Louie Zamperini, and his trials and tribulations of life in the war, and being a prisoner of war and trying to live life after the war.
“Pearl Harbor” was on last night and I watched a bit of it, where the Japanese are bombing Pearl Harbor and after reading this book about the Zamp, it makes me appreciate the war so much more.
It is interesting to me in a way it has never been before.

to think people actually lived through things like this and survived to tell the story.

Totally awesome, these armed forces we have here in America.

my hat off to all of them.


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