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The sign says……   2 comments

I need to wear a sign that says “Hey people I am dieting!”

because I have gotten two boxes of candy and several candy bars and a loaf of pumpkin bread for Christmas from the staff here at work.
Yes I know they mean well but,  I cut out sugar in my diet two weeks ago and I can not go back to eating it.

I gave all the candy to my son and his wife and family yesterday but I just got the loaf of pumpkin bread from another teacher today.

Maybe I will give it to my sister when I see her later today……..



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it’s finally here   Leave a comment

the day I have been waiting for….it is finally here……..

school was out yesterday for winter break.
We can’t call it Christmas break here in Iowa City Iowa because we have so many different religions that it would offend a great many if we did.
I personally think, hey if you come to our country you do what we do or deal with what we do, but no we American’s have to make it all so mellow for every nationality that comes into our country…….

but anyway now that we are on Winter break I can clean and clean and clean and it will stay that way, until January 5th when they all come back and mess it up again.

yes it is a discouraging job but it is mine, so I must make the best of it.
And I will be extremely happy cleaning the next two weeks!

Posted December 22, 2010 by Marge in ramblings