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my authentic self   1 comment

I was reading an article online by Dr. Phil and in it he asked, “What is your authentic self?”
If a person isn’t a wife, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, child…..if you didn’t have all of those labels to hide behind, what are you?
or in my case, what am I?
what makes me ……………….

what about me is authentic?
What is true.

I am a white female, 49 years, seven months and twelve days old.
I am an American.

I am lazy but also hard-working.
I am kind and considerate but I can be a bitch and hateful too.

I am passionate

I am honest

I am a child of God

what else is there?
If I can’t label myself with my roles in my life than what else is there to say?
Some how I think I have lost part of me……..

surely there is more to me than this?

I will have to keep pondering this…..

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oh so cold………   Leave a comment

yes I mentioned I was frozen yesterday and I was….today looks to be no different.

we are again in the Arctic in Iowa
yes it will be warmer later but it is colder now.
A mere -4 degrees.
They are saying we should hit 25 tomorrow which will be a heat wave.
But alas…with those warmer temps we are getting snow again.
About three inches.

Ahh well…..I would rather have snow than freezing temps.

Posted December 14, 2010 by Marge in ramblings