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stop the world and let me off   Leave a comment

do you ever wish you could just get off this earth and go someplace else in the galaxy?
If they ever had a program where they were sending people to another planet to live, I would volunteer

or I think I would.

sometimes I just want to stop the world and get off.

maybe it is cabin fever……..

maybe it is just winter and I am missing the sunshine and warm temperatures.

maybe it is knowing I am going south in six and a half weeks and I am just impatient?

maybe it is just this feeling of going nowhere, that every day is the same as the day before and tomorrow will be the same as today……



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a new me   Leave a comment

after sweating so much from shoveling snow today, I came home and took a nice relaxing bath.
I feel like a new person

to not feel sticky and sweaty……
what a nice feeling.

I feel tired too but that is probably due to all the fresh air I got today the two times I was outside dealing with the snow.

yep I’m ready for spring.


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no school again today   Leave a comment

well this makes our third snow day this year.
I’m here at work but no one else is
it looks like it has stopped snowing so like the last snow day I think they called it off too soon.
but alas at least I can clean and it stays clean

this now puts us at June 4th as our last day of school…..unless of course we get another snow day or two in here before spring?


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