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my youngest child is 24 today

yes she was born on my sister Kathy’s 26th birthday

Emily is so much like me that it is painful to see at times.

we tend to argue a lot because we are so much a like.

I love her dearly though, even if I don’t agree with most of the life choices she has made

she has given me the one thing no one else has though, and that is my grandson Aaron.

Happy Birthday Emily!

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my sister Kathy turns 50 today.

what a milestone!

I do believe she is going to spend the day with her son.

I know she will enjoy that immensely

tomorrow we will celebrate her birthday with a sisters day at Texas Roadhouse.

Happy Birthday Kathy!

she is and always will be one of my very best friends.

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yes it’s true, I have been up since 2:50 Am.


my back hurt from something I tried to move yesterday and it was just too hard to lay in bed with it hurting like it did.

so I got up and went downstairs, let Max out, cleaned a bit, got on the computer and watched part of “Play Misty For Me’ and then went to shower to get ready for work.

to think I have been up almost four and a half hours already!

yes I feel like I could nap now.


this will be me today, feeling like the mouse who can’t get away from that pesty cat.


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