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Downton Abbey   Leave a comment

Downton AbbeyI am hooked.
I love this show

My husband and I ran across this on Netflix a month or so ago and watched the first season
I had to buy season two and three so that we could get caught up and be ready to watch it on TV.

I can’t even explain why I enjoy it so much other than I love the time period and the mansion they live in and having it about the rich family and their hired help, it just is an all around good program.

we have watched three episodes of season two, and have quite a few more of that season to get through before we watch season three (pictured) but it is a great pass time every evening when there isn’t anything worth while to watch on regular TV.


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Happiness for the practical mind   Leave a comment

I have been reading a  book by Jared Akers on how to deal with depression and or how to get out of it.
It is very interesting.

I highly recommend “Happiness for the Practical Mind”

it is a page turner and has really helped me get out of this funk I have been in.

he has another book called “How to be Happy Now” but I haven’t gotten into it yet.

“Happiness for the Practical Mind” is an eye opener for me

it makes me realize how I put out so much negative energy when all I really need to do is look within me and love me.

Jared Aker's book 1                                      Jared Aker's 2

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