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time for a change   Leave a comment

what gives?
What makes this right or that wrong?
where am I going from here?

I feel like I’m bored with life

and that sort of scares me

not because I am thinking of suicide or anything like that but because I am a dreamer and look for that rainbow, while I know I should be more grounded and stand secure in what is right and good and true

however I do feel bored.

I do the same thing every single day of my life

I’ve had people tell me to change it up a bit, like drive home a different way, or go out to eat and try something completely new

that isn’t going to help

I get up, shower, come to work, work my 9 hours and go home.

due to the weather I am inside ninety percent of the time once I am home.
I read, or play on the computer and or watch TV till it is bedtime, and then I get up the next morning and do the exact same thing again.

I need a change

my weekends are the exact same too unless we have the grandchildren over night.

I need a change.
I’m just not sure what that change is…..


sometimes I just want to run away and start new somewhere else.

the only problem with that is all the people I would let down if I did that.

and yes my children and their opinions of me matter to me greatly

maybe more than they should……

I feel stuck……


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it’s time   Leave a comment

it’s time to start getting serious about the changes I want to make in my life.

spring is almost here and summer is around the corner and I need to get outside and start walking.

even if it is 32 degrees outside I can dress for the cold.

I am 225 pounds

I have only been heavier when I was pregnant.

there really is no excuse for this weight other than I am lazy and that is no excuse at all.

I need to get moving.

it is time.


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Wanda   Leave a comment


I had a good visit with my sister Wanda yesterday evening

as always it is great to see her and catch up.

she needs prayers and someone to understand her.

she needs her husband to get his head out of his butt and wake up and start to realize he has a family that needs his attention.


I wish life was easier for those I love.

I hate to see my siblings and children struggle.


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