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the highs of life, the enjoyment of being with my grandchildren or hanging out with those I love.

it is a feeling like I am an eagle soaring through the beautiful wonder of a perfectly fresh crisp summer day

I love being with my grandchildren

my eldest son and youngest daughter came over too and it was enjoyable seeing them

My youngest daughter and I tend to butt heads a lot anymore

she says or does something that just annoys the hell out of me

and of course it pisses her off that I am honest with her

not sure why she expects me to be less than honest with her.

but yet she acts like I am offending her greatly by being honest.

maybe we are just too much a like and it pains me to see her so much like me.

still hanging out with my wonderful grandchildren made my day



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I found a love letter the other day
to someone I am no longer involved with.
it made me miss him to a point.
but in all reality it also showed me how much I loved him
he obviously did not feel that much love for me.

I often tease my brother that he loves to be in love

he is such a romantic

but in all honesty who doesn’t love to be in love?
who doesn’t love the romantic stuff?

but if you are with someone who can’t seem to get a clue about what being romantic is about, after a while you just tell yourself you don’t miss it.

one of many little white lies I tell myself.


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