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4 day weekend ahead   Leave a comment

After I get off of work today I have a four-day weekend ahead of me.

I also get off an hour early today due to it being spring vacation and our boss is letting us.

which is great.


My husband is laid up with his broken foot being fixed and having to use crutches and keeping his foot elevated all of the time

he is tired of it already

and I doubt I will do much this weekend other than be there for him.
I do hope to write, as I have the desire to do so.


debating on weather or not to get my hair all cut off.

I usually let it grow till I can’t stand it any longer and then get it all cut off as short as I can without looking like a boy.

I’m sweating a lot and I hate it with a passion when my head gets hot and sweaty because my hair is so long

not all of it is quite one length, but it is close and it is about an inch from touching my shoulders.

so it took quite a while to get it this long

but ……still debating.

if I don’t cut it I will keep thinking I want to and then when I do I will hate it again ……because I always hate it after it is first cut.

I know, can’t win for losing.


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