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family time   Leave a comment

had my sons and their children and my daughter in law all over for supper tonight.

the only thing missing was Emily and Aaron.

Tonyia was working and of course she wasn’t here either.

it’s been almost two weeks since I have seen Keira and she is starting to be a little stand offish and not want to to give hugs and kisses.

I hate it but what does one do?
I won’t make her hug and kiss me if she doesn’t want to

but I miss her little hugs and kisses.


having everyone together was enjoyable.

we don’t do it very often anymore but it was nice and relaxing and simple.

we had pizzas from Godfather’s.

love family time.



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goofy feeling   Leave a comment

I feel weird today.

almost goofy.

I know that sounds silly and somewhat childish, but it is how I feel.
I feel like my stomach is bloated and yet I almost feel like there is a little pac man in there eating away from the inside out.

Granted to some of you this will sound like I am losing my mind.
I know it sounds weird, but it is how I feel.

I finally ate something so we shall see if this goofy feeling goes away.



maybe it is just my body telling me to quit eating and exercise more?
Who knows?
Love this picture of this pug.

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