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I  would love to learn how to sail a boat and take myself into the ocean and enjoy the simpliness of life at sea

there are a lot of things I would love to do if I could only get up the nerve to do them.

to conquer my insecurities and jump off this safe bridge I coddle to.

………  in my wildest dreams……I would be more daring and much more adventurous

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I need to do more of this.
I need to believe all things can work themselves out if I believe in myself enough

that is part of the problem though, is believing in myself.

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It’s Friday and while I have only worked three days this week, I am ready for some time off again

don’t feel the greatest that is for sure.

felt better yesterday than I do today.

but I will have to try and muttle through.


The first day of March.
A new month…..

seven weeks till I fly to Florida for a week……

I wish I was more excited about it.

oh don’t get me wrong, I love Florida and I would buy a condo on the beach if I could

I just can’t seem to get excited about it much though.

not sure why.

maybe because it is so far away yet.

or maybe it is because I am a fat blob?

I do yearn for the warmth and sunshine and the ocean waves rolling in and out.

but I must do something about this fat slob I have become.
I know dear readers, same old song.



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