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It is Spring Break here in Iowa City Iowa, not that you would know it with the weather.

it snowed yesterday and is freezing cold today.

we so need spring here.

I’ve been cleaning up a storm here at school and I have to say my unused muscles are protesting.

especially my shoulders and arms

even my hands ache with arthritis because I am using them to clean so much


this getting old is for the birds.

I must say…………..

is it spring yet?


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my youngest child is 24 today

yes she was born on my sister Kathy’s 26th birthday

Emily is so much like me that it is painful to see at times.

we tend to argue a lot because we are so much a like.

I love her dearly though, even if I don’t agree with most of the life choices she has made

she has given me the one thing no one else has though, and that is my grandson Aaron.

Happy Birthday Emily!

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Kathy   1 comment

my sister Kathy turns 50 today.

what a milestone!

I do believe she is going to spend the day with her son.

I know she will enjoy that immensely

tomorrow we will celebrate her birthday with a sisters day at Texas Roadhouse.

Happy Birthday Kathy!

she is and always will be one of my very best friends.

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yes it’s true, I have been up since 2:50 Am.


my back hurt from something I tried to move yesterday and it was just too hard to lay in bed with it hurting like it did.

so I got up and went downstairs, let Max out, cleaned a bit, got on the computer and watched part of “Play Misty For Me’ and then went to shower to get ready for work.

to think I have been up almost four and a half hours already!

yes I feel like I could nap now.


this will be me today, feeling like the mouse who can’t get away from that pesty cat.


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I’ve become a cry baby

not sure why??

I just watched the last hour of “La Bamba” I have seen this movie probably a dozen times since it came out.

My sons use to like it a lot when they were young boys.

But anyway, every time I see it, when Richie dies I cry.
I don’t know why

I heard a song on the radio earlier and I cried.

it is silly and I don’t understand it but there it is.

weird I know



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I’m the type of person who has to have a plan

a goal

I probably don’t live in the moment as much as I should, but more looking into the future to plan ahead.

maybe it is the wrong thing to do?

I’m not sure, but I always have to have a light at the end of the tunnel.

something new or different from the norm.

I wonder if everyone does this or am I just weird?

maybe it is me always searching for that rainbow?
I’m not sure

all I know is I must have something to look forward to that is different from the day-to-day life I live.


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every day you should list at least ten things you are thankful for, and if you get down and blue, you should do it again

my ten things I am thankful for are

1.  My Lord

2. my children

3. my grandchildren

4 mine and my husband’s health

5. my job and my ability to pay my bills

6. my siblings and their health

7.  waking up feeling good today

8. that it isn’t freezing cold today

9. my friends

10. that spring is on the way.


you should try it, I swear it helps!


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My mother would have been 86 today had she still been alive.

she passed away in 1992.

She was eccentric and told it like it was and didn’t sugar coat anything.

sometimes she embarassed me with her straight forward way of thinking.

the older I get the more I think I look more like her.

I don’t miss her every day like I use to, I’m sure if she was still alive she would be in very bad health.

but she is the reason I am who I am

Love you Mom


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Downton AbbeyI am hooked.
I love this show

My husband and I ran across this on Netflix a month or so ago and watched the first season
I had to buy season two and three so that we could get caught up and be ready to watch it on TV.

I can’t even explain why I enjoy it so much other than I love the time period and the mansion they live in and having it about the rich family and their hired help, it just is an all around good program.

we have watched three episodes of season two, and have quite a few more of that season to get through before we watch season three (pictured) but it is a great pass time every evening when there isn’t anything worth while to watch on regular TV.


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I have been reading a  book by Jared Akers on how to deal with depression and or how to get out of it.
It is very interesting.

I highly recommend “Happiness for the Practical Mind”

it is a page turner and has really helped me get out of this funk I have been in.

he has another book called “How to be Happy Now” but I haven’t gotten into it yet.

“Happiness for the Practical Mind” is an eye opener for me

it makes me realize how I put out so much negative energy when all I really need to do is look within me and love me.

Jared Aker's book 1                                      Jared Aker's 2

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