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4 day weekend ahead   Leave a comment

After I get off of work today I have a four-day weekend ahead of me.

I also get off an hour early today due to it being spring vacation and our boss is letting us.

which is great.


My husband is laid up with his broken foot being fixed and having to use crutches and keeping his foot elevated all of the time

he is tired of it already

and I doubt I will do much this weekend other than be there for him.
I do hope to write, as I have the desire to do so.


debating on weather or not to get my hair all cut off.

I usually let it grow till I can’t stand it any longer and then get it all cut off as short as I can without looking like a boy.

I’m sweating a lot and I hate it with a passion when my head gets hot and sweaty because my hair is so long

not all of it is quite one length, but it is close and it is about an inch from touching my shoulders.

so it took quite a while to get it this long

but ……still debating.

if I don’t cut it I will keep thinking I want to and then when I do I will hate it again ……because I always hate it after it is first cut.

I know, can’t win for losing.

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I’m dreaming………..   1 comment

Daytona July 27 2012 008

I want to be here.Β  This is me sitting on the beach in Florida last July, and I can’t wait to be here again.

It is cold in Iowa.
Below the normal temperatures it should be this time of year.

Hate it.
I’m ready for spring and green grass and trees budding

I realize a month from today I will be flying to Florida for a week

but damn, four weeks seems so far away yet……….

Daytona July 27 2012 011

July 30th sunrise 2012 029

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D day   Leave a comment

today is the day, my husband is going to get the bone in his foot fixed.

they are taking a bone from hisΒ heel to put in his foot and also add a plate and a pin


he is a bit nervous and I imagine he will be in a cast for a good six weeks if not longer.

I guess I will be playing nurse maid and waiting on him hand and foot for the next few days.

Daytona July 27 2012 004

(this is where we will be a month from today, unfortunately he probably won’t be on the beach or in the ocean with a cast on his foot)


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busy buzzing around   Leave a comment

It is Spring Break here in Iowa City Iowa, not that you would know it with the weather.

it snowed yesterday and is freezing cold today.

we so need spring here.

I’ve been cleaning up a storm here at school and I have to say my unused muscles are protesting.

especially my shoulders and arms

even my hands ache with arthritis because I am using them to clean so much


this getting old is for the birds.

I must say…………..

is it spring yet?


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Emily   Leave a comment

my youngest child is 24 today

yes she was born on my sister Kathy’s 26th birthday

Emily is so much like me that it is painful to see at times.

we tend to argue a lot because we are so much a like.

I love her dearly though, even if I don’t agree with most of the life choices she has made

she has given me the one thing no one else has though, and that is my grandson Aaron.

Happy Birthday Emily!

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Kathy   1 comment

my sister Kathy turns 50 today.

what a milestone!

I do believe she is going to spend the day with her son.

I know she will enjoy that immensely

tomorrow we will celebrate her birthday with a sisters day at Texas Roadhouse.

Happy Birthday Kathy!

she is and always will be one of my very best friends.

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2:50 AM   Leave a comment

yes it’s true, I have been up since 2:50 Am.


my back hurt from something I tried to move yesterday and it was just too hard to lay in bed with it hurting like it did.

so I got up and went downstairs, let Max out, cleaned a bit, got on the computer and watched part of “Play Misty For Me’ and then went to shower to get ready for work.

to think I have been up almost four and a half hours already!

yes I feel like I could nap now.


this will be me today, feeling like the mouse who can’t get away from that pesty cat.


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