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Endless~   Leave a comment

I feel like I need a vacation.

It is an endless feeling.

It doesn’t have to be to a beach…..although I do miss Florida.

But since the coronavirus is running rapid there I can’t see going there.

I yearn to get into my car and just drive west.

Love the idea of it.

Unfortunately it can’t happen any time soon.

Well starting next week I am going to start working twelve hour shifts.

I have done three before and with working twelves, I will work less.

This coming week it will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and then next week will be Sunday and then not again until Friday and Saturday.

So I will have Monday through Friday at six off.

A great time to just take off.

Doubt it will happen though.

But it is nice to dream…..


Maybe some time soon……

utah home


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Damn Responsibility~   Leave a comment

My youngest daughter and her family are going to Minnesota over the 4th of July weekend because her in laws live there and they want to visit with them.

It would be a perfect time for my husband and I to fly to Florida for six days.

He watches the kids while my daughter and her husband work.

So he wouldn’t have any responsibilities to stay in Iowa.

I however work two of the six days and I could either try and trade with someone to get them off or just call in sick both days.

It would be easy enough to do both.
BUT in flying to Florida I would be spending almost two thousand for the tickets and hotel room and then we always take a thousand for spending money.

However Rick still wants his garage and taking three thousand for a short vacation seems a bit insane when he wants his garage.


Not to mention my calling in sick to work…..

My conscience probably won’t let me call in anyway…..

But it is tempting.

Still the responsible thing to do is to not go and not spend that money



Hate being a adult some days.



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Big Breakfast, money and peace and quiet~   Leave a comment

We had a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, cheesy hash browns and a lot of effort on Emily, Crystal, Tonyia and my parts.

As we did the cooking.

Then Emily, Matt, Keira and I went to Walmart where I spent a hundred dollars and I can’t even tell you why it was so much.

Well I got two pounds of bacon which was over $6 each.

I bought Keira and Mirielle a Packers mug that was over $12 each.

And I bought two t shirts for myself that were under $5 each.

But where the rest went to?
I haven’t a clue.

Amazing to me how much things cost.

Then the grandkids, Rick, Matt, Brian, Adam and Crystal took the kids fishing.

So it is nice and quiet here.

Which is a switch.

When you get five grandkids running around and two TV’s going it can get pretty loud.

But it is relaxing.




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Desire to travel~   Leave a comment


I would love to get into my car and head west.

Originally I was going to be going west this August.

The kids thought that vacation would be too boring for their kids.

So we will go to Wisconsin instead at the end of July.

However the mountains call me

Like the ocean, the mountains call me.

I would love to just buy an RV and travel the United States.

Good thing dreaming is free.




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Decision Has Been Made~   Leave a comment

I put the deposit down on a lodge in Door County

We will be going July 22nd through the 29th baring no unforeseen problems.

I can cancel it if needed two weeks before then if I need to.

It will be awesome and I can hardly wait.

Paula and Matt and his family aren’t going to stay the entire 7 days but the rest of us will.

I am going to see if I can get Keira and Kayla for the rest of the week as well.


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Ugh~   1 comment

Well it is Wednesday and it is super cold out.

No not worse then yesterday but still cold.

15 degrees and -5 with the wind chill.

I wish I was heading to Florida for a week or two just to get out of the cold and in the sunshine but we will probably be going in early May so I will just have to grin and bear it till then.

I feel like I need a vacation.

I realize I probably take more vacations a year then the average person but to me they are a reward

I work so I should be rewarded with something I like to do every now and then.

IF my husband said “Hey lets get in the car and head to Florida” then of course I would go.

But he knows that we shouldn’t spend the money so therefore he won’t say that.

He told me I could go alone but with flying and renting a car plus getting a hotel…it would be well over $2,000 and I just can’t spend that kind of money right now.

Yeah I could drive it and probably save some money but I would be on the road at least four days.


And I have to be back here to work on January 5th.

So I just have to get it out of my head.


I feel tired.

I did my two hours of morning chores here at work and now I just feel like I want to take a hot bath and soak for a while.

Not going to happen but it is a nice thought.





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Ocean moon   Leave a comment


As I look at this picture I can hear the Jaws theme.

But it is a beautiful picture and Lord knows I love the ocean.

I am going to make plans to go back for my birthday.



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Yosemite   Leave a comment



of course I have never been to Yosemite and I would love to go see it one day.



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In my thoughts~   Leave a comment


Don’t know why but I just yearn to be at the beach.

Yearn for it, ache for it, wish for it.

Darn it.

I guess because I feel like I need a change

And sunshine and warmth are calling to me.

Not that it is horribly cold in Iowa.

It’s not.

It is fall and therefore it is cooler.

But not cold.

But I want to be soaking up the rays and just existing at the beach for a week or two.


One would think I am never happy but of course that just isn’t true.

I am happy, I just want to be at the beach and be happy.



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Should I or shouldn’t I?   Leave a comment

the beach

I miss the ocean which prompts me to think I need to vacation there again in the spring.

Should I spend a couple thousand just to do that?
When I could pay off a bill or put it towards the house?


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