Big Breakfast, money and peace and quiet~

We had a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, cheesy hash browns and a lot of effort on Emily, Crystal, Tonyia and my parts. As we did the cooking. Then Emily, Matt, Keira and I went to Walmart where I spent a hundred dollars and I can’t even tell you why it was so much. Well…

Desire to travel~

I would love to get into my car and head west. Originally I was going to be going west this August. The kids thought that vacation would be too boring for their kids. So we will go to Wisconsin instead at the end of July. However the mountains call me Like the ocean, the mountains…

Decision Has Been Made~

I put the deposit down on a lodge in Door County We will be going July 22nd through the 29th baring no unforeseen problems. I can cancel it if needed two weeks before then if I need to. It will be awesome and I can hardly wait. Paula and Matt and his family aren’t going…


Well it is Wednesday and it is super cold out. No not worse then yesterday but still cold. 15 degrees and -5 with the wind chill. I wish I was heading to Florida for a week or two just to get out of the cold and in the sunshine but we will probably be going…

Ocean moon

As I look at this picture I can hear the Jaws theme. 🙂 But it is a beautiful picture and Lord knows I love the ocean. I am going to make plans to go back for my birthday. 🙂  


of course I have never been to Yosemite and I would love to go see it one day.    

In my thoughts~

Don’t know why but I just yearn to be at the beach. Yearn for it, ache for it, wish for it. Darn it. I guess because I feel like I need a change And sunshine and warmth are calling to me. Not that it is horribly cold in Iowa. It’s not. It is fall and…

Should I or shouldn’t I?

I miss the ocean which prompts me to think I need to vacation there again in the spring. Should I spend a couple thousand just to do that? When I could pay off a bill or put it towards the house? Sigh~ indecisions…..

Color Me Florida~

I yearn to be on vacation I yearn to be in Florida, working on my tan, visiting my sister and just enjoying the beach. Sigh. It would definitely lift my spirits if I could be there right about now…..

Tantalizing Tuesday

🙂 Tantalizing Tuesday, yeah right. Just another day in the life of this working woman. Yeah I know I should be thankful for this good paying job…..and I am, I really am….. I just wish for some time away….. My sister said they are not moving north so I can plan a vacation for this…