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so I have been faithfully checking people’s blogs for months now and it is sad to me how no one writes anymore.
My sister is the only one who puts forth the effort to write, and even she doesn’t always do it every day.

The man in Maine I use to read, hasn’t written for a month.
The woman in Australia has been longer than that.
My sister-in-law in Canada writes about every six weeks or so.
My brother, only writes about a story he is working on.

my other sister hasn’t written in over a year.
Quite discouraging.

So do they have busy lives?  Or are they just too lazy to write?

Mr Maine said he isn’t going to write for the sake of writing every day.
And he mentioned wanting to go abroad so maybe he did??

Hard to say.

Ms. Australia wrote me a while back and said she was quite busy with her new job.

so….while I try to write every day, and maybe not very well, I find it sad that no one else writes like they use to.
rather discouraging.

and the only person’s I check every day now is my sister’s who writes nearly every day.
Mr Maine and Ms Australia, I check about every ten days or so.
Maybe one day one of them will shock me and write.

Posted April 26, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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