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one of my favorite male actors is Tom Hanks
Not sure when this picture above was taken but I stumbled across it last week and thought ‘wow Tom you do look rather handsome in this photo”

so I decided to download it to my computer.

Tom has always been a favorite of mine, ever since “Sleepless in Seattle”

but I loved him in “Cast Away” and of course “Forrest Gump”

Leonardo DiCaprio will still and probably always will be my favorite male actor.
But Tom is second and probably always will be.

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water for elephants revisited   Leave a comment

I went to “Water for Elephants” yesterday afternoon and I was quite pleased that they followed the book fairly closely.

yes there was a few changes but not many and although it wasn’t a movie to win an oscar, it was quite good.
I enjoyed it.

Of course having Robert Pattison to look at made it all the more enjoyable.
the critics didn’t care for it and were criticizing his acting ability but I rarely if ever listen to the critics when I go to a movie.
I like to form my own opinion

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