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too much sun and tennis elbow   Leave a comment

well I was out in the sun three hours yesterday and got sunburnt, so I went out from nine till eleven today and while I am again sunburnt, it is nothing like yesterdays.
I decided to play it smart and be out of the sun between eleven and three when the sun is the hottest so I can hopefully not suffer tonight while I am trying to sleep

on another note I am suffering from tennis elbow again.
I have had it for a week or more on and off and like an idiot I didn’t go to the doctor to have her look at it and now that I am on vacation and trying to swim and just enjoy myself it hurts like hell.
My arm is swelled and it aches.
I have iced it a bit and that seems to help it too, so I will have to do that every few hours or so.


Love being on vacation and love sitting out here on my deck and listening to the ocean waves and watching them and the seagulls  and pelicans.

Life is great here in Paradise.

Posted April 4, 2011 by Marge in ramblings