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God’s beauty   1 comment

  is everywhere.
All we have to do is look!

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differences   Leave a comment

I love this picture
I can’t even remember where I found it.
Probably from my Australian friends blog
Something about it just speaks to me.
It all looks so simple and uncomplicated and yet it all looks complicated as well.
Maybe that is why I like the picture.
All different contrasts all put together as one.

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choices   Leave a comment

do you ever wonder at the choices we make?
do you ever make a choice and then a day later think, “what the hell was I thinking?”

do you ever look in the mirror and say to yourself “Boy you blew that one!” Or “you are an idiot!”  Or “where is your brain?”
I do to all the above.

I constantly question my own choices and then wonder if anyone does this as well?
Shouldn’t I just be satisfied with my choices and move on?
But there are so many more people to consider when I make every choice I make.

I sometimes think I am a little bit insane with the way I think and feel at times.
maybe I need to see a doctor

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6 hrs and 23 minutes   Leave a comment

In six hours and 23 minutes I will be free!!!  For a whole nine days I will be free!!!
I will not have to think of work or be here for 9, count them 9 whole days!!!!

I can’t wait!!!

In less than 46 hours I will be on a plane heading to the sunshine state!!!!

where I will get up every morning and watch the sun rise above the ocean

and frolic in the sand and just enjoy the sun

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