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Not feeling the love   Leave a comment

I am back at work and I must say, I just do not want to be here.
Was I really gone from this place for 9 days?
I feel like I hardly left.

But I like to eat and I like driving my car and spending money so I suppose work I must.
I really would like to never work again.

Just be a woman of leisure.
That sounds pretty great to me.

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A great weekend   Leave a comment

I have had a great weekend.
it is quite nice to be home.
First off our flights home were good and we got to our actual home by one thirty on saturday

my girls were there by two thirty and we had a really good evening with them.
We played outside because the weather was just wonderful and even Sunday morning was great with them.
My darling Kayla wanted to go to bed at seven pm on Saturday night and I told her that was too early (Neither one had a nap that day)
So at eight pm I told her we were going to go to bed.
We get upstairs, she goes potty and I lay down with her in my bed.
And she says to me
“Nana we are just resting, not going to sleep”
I said “Okay honey, we will just rest”
And she said it two or three more times after that.
Then a little while later she said “Nana I want to tell you a secret”
I said “Okay”
She leans into me so our faces are quite close (It is dark in my room so we can’t see each other) and she says “No more airplanes nana”
I just cuddled close with her and hugged her and told her “Nope Nana isn’t going on any more airplanes for a while”
Wasn’t that adorable?
I just love my grandchildren so very much!

Kayla wakes up at seven on Sunday morning and says to me “Nana can we stop resting now?”
We played outside on Sunday morning and the weather was just fantastic!

They went home at twelve thirty and then I had Aaron from four till eight pm.
he too is so incredibly wonderful.
He walks around the walls of the house, even now still too unsure to take more than three steps on his own.
He crawls every where.
We even took him outside and he started crab crawling on the sidewalk because he didn’t like the feel of the cement on his knees.
it was adorable!

Love love love my grandchildren!

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