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talked to my grandbabies   Leave a comment

I talked to Keira and Kayla this afternoon.
Keira of course cried and wanted to know when we were coming home.
I told her in three days.
She wanted to know why we couldn’t come NOW
I told her the plane doesn’t leave for three more days.
She wasn’t happy with me.

But she did get over it and told me she loved me and missed me.

I love being here and love the beach but I do miss them a lot.
Just feel like part of myself is missing without them in my life.

I’m glad they miss me too.

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allergies   Leave a comment

I feel like I have a cold but I know it is actually allergies.
The wind is so strong down here that I am guessing it is stirring up the pollen and making me sneeze and suffer with watery itchy eyes and a runny nose


hate it but you know it seems to happen more and more when I am on vacation some where.
like my body doesn’t relate well to vacations.

Well I am going to head out and soak up some rays.
Happy Wednesday

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