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I think I could do this forever   Leave a comment

maybe one day I will become a snow bird.
That is one of those people who come to Florida for the winter months and stay and live and enjoy the beautiful ocean and life in the Sunshine State.

I like this life of leisure.
The only thing possibly wrong with it is that my grandchildren and children aren’t here.
I miss them.
Yes I am enjoying the quiet time.
I am enjoying just basking in whatever I choose to do without having to think of anyone but myself.
(My husband is pretty agreeable to anything I suggest we do)

we have been walking the beach every day.
About two miles every day.
today it was closer to four.
It is quite wonderful to walk on the beach and look out into the ocean and just bask in the wonderfulness of it.

We have seen dolphins every day.
Sunday we saw one
Yesterday two and today we saw five.
I only wish they would have come closer!
I so love dolphins!

today was colder and rainy but it was still nice to enjoy the relaxation and even walk without the sun burning down on to me.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny again and 79 degrees.

I love this vacation.

but I do miss my grandbabies


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Rainy Tuesday   Leave a comment

I’m sitting here in my hotel room while it storms outside.
I got some terrific shots of the clouds moving in though and will post them when I get home and can do so.

I needed a day out of the sun to recover from this sunburn I have.
It is cool out 75 degrees with full cloud cover and rain.
The waves are wild and loud.
It is a good day just to bum

we may go to a movie later or just bum here in the hotel room
I have three books I brought with me so I will probably read for quite a bit of the afternoon as well.

hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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