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its cold and windy again and it feels like March instead of the middle of April.
Although the grass is green and the trees are budding it feels extremely cold.

I miss the sunshine of Florida.
No I don’t want to be in Florida, but I miss the warmth of it.
I do miss the beach too but if my grandchildren aren’t there with me, then I don’t want to be there.

I still yearn to go to Arizona over my birthday but unless I go by myself I won’t be going.
not that going by myself would bother me, but it would bother my husband and children.

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Daytona Beach April 2011   Leave a comment

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yesterday was a day of frustration!
Let me tell you!
I went to change my password for my work email, simply because nearly every time I type it in, I forget a letter or miss a key and I have to redo it.
So my idea was, go for something simpler.
Well I typed my new password in, the computer said it registered it, but alas….when it came time to do anything, it wouldn’t take the new password.
Sometimes it would take the old password and sometimes it wouldn’t.
So much frustration!
I am happy to say the tech center gave me a new password that works, and while I will need to change it so they don’t have access to every single thing I do on the computer………I am not too anxious to change it and then have to deal with all the headaches of yesterday.

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