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why do people annoy me?
I had a guy here at work laugh and say to me “You just get me”
And I said “What does that mean?”
He said “I just think the way you think is funny”
I looked at him and said “not my job in life to make you understand what I do or don’t do.  You don’t have to “get me”  I “get me” and that is all that matters”
Hate when people act like they are superior and or are more intelligent than I am.
So what if they are?
What I do and the way I do it, is my business and no one out there, has to “Get me” to make my life work.

Sometimes I hate people.

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it is Thursday.
Seems like it has been a long week.
I think the weather has a lot to do with it.
So rainy and cold.

They say it should warm up next week but still chances of rain every day.

I know we are in April and April showers bring May flowers but really enough is enough.

Where are those warmer temps?

Didn’t get to see Keira and Kayla last night as I had planned and hoped to see them
Their parents decided to take them to their other grandmother to do Easter eggs.
So I miss them a great deal.
Yes we will have them Saturday night but still that is three days away!

I did get to see Aaron though last night which of course is great.

Not feeling the love of being here today.
Although I have been busy and got a lot done, I still would rather be home than here.
But tomorrow is Friday so that is quite wonderful.

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