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Much too young to feel this damn old   Leave a comment

in less than a month I will be turning the big 50!
Yes a half a century old.
Do I feel old, yes these last few days I do.
Am I old, do I consider myself old?
not in the least.

I guess my week of relaxing and doing nothing but lounging around and eating too much has its lasting effect on me.
I am feeling old this week.
Maybe I am just working harder than I remember working so that week off is almost worse for me than if I hadn’t taken the week off.

Plus I haven’t slept well since we have been home.
I miss the sound of the ocean.
To sleep with it lingering in the room while I slept and now to do without it.
I guess I will have to buy an ocean waves CD so that I can fall asleep and wake up, with the ocean waves rocking me back to sleep


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