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here it is Tuesday morning, another beautiful spring morning here in Iowa.
I am at work and wishing I wasn’t.
I could really get use to never having to work again.
But alas……..I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

A man I know who delivers the food here at the school, his brother died last Friday.
The paper said Bill’s brother parked his car at the side of the Interstate and walked in front of a semi truck.
It saddens me deeply that people choose to end their lives.
I guess  (honestly I know) I have never been that depressed to think dying is the only answer.
I feel horribly for Bill and his family and what they must be going through.
True he isn’t the first man to lose a sibling via suicide

But I do feel badly for him none the less.
As I do anyone who has to deal with that.

losing a loved one is hard enough without having to know they decided to end their own life.

On a different note, was I really in Florida last week?
Because it seems like I didn’t have any time off of here at all.

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