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Don’t you want to stay here a little while?   Leave a comment

Let’s take it slow, I don’t want to move too fast.
I don’t want to just make love I want to make love last
When your out this high, it’s a sacrifice

Don’t you want to stay here a little while?
Don’t you want to hold each other tight, don’t you want to fall asleep with me tonight?
Don’t you want to stay here a little while?
We can be forever here this way……….don’t you want to stay??????????

This is a new song by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

I love it.
Of course I can’t think of all the words to the first verse so I just went to the second one.
Just love to hear them sing it.
I usually get tired of a song after a while, but I haven’t tired of this one yet.


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Wedding bells in the air   Leave a comment

so my daughter and her boyfriend have been attending a couple of weddings this month and have another one next weekend.

My daughter’s boyfriend Adam got asked by his grandmother the other day when he was going to marry Emily.
Emily piped up “Never, he doesn’t want to get married”
And Adam told her, “Let’s elope at the end of the year”
And Emily told him that she wants an actual wedding and reception

so Adam told her she will have an engagement ring by Christmas.

Which thrills her father and I very much

Emily said she thinks she would like to get married in August of 2012

So that gives us plenty of time to set aside money for the wedding.

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The Lincoln Lawyer   Leave a comment

My husband and I went to this movie “The Lincoln Lawyer” yesterday.
It stars Matthew McConaughey  and Ryan Phillipe
It was quite good.
Kept you guessing and fear full for the people in the movie the entire time.

If you are looking for a suspenseful movie, check this one out.
I enjoyed it.

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Watery itchy eyes and full congestion in the head, anyone?   Leave a comment

yep good old allergy season is here.
I have watery  itchy eyes, a full congested head and feel like I am in my own little dome of misery

occasionally the nose will start dripping too.
Quite annoying all the way around.
Plus I tend to sneeze about five or six times in a row at least four times in an hour.

yep, I would have to say, I feel (and look) quite crappy today.

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