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Our home for the next five days~   Leave a comment

Here are pictures of our cabin


my son Matt and daughter Emily and son in law Adam

cabin 2

upstairs view from the living room

cabin 3

sunken bathtub

cabin 4


cabin 5

view from the balcony going down to the living room

cabin 7

bedroom downstairs

cabin 9

the playground outside our cabin


It’s a very nice place but for $630 a night it should be.


More pictures to follow tomorrow.



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Heading Out~   Leave a comment

Here in a few hours we will head to Wisconsin to enjoy our five day vacation.

I will take a lot of pictures and post some when I have the time.


In 8 days I will begin my new job and I have to say I am ready for it.
This sitting around basically not doing anything gets rather tedious.

I need more to fill my day OR more money to fill my day.


If money were no object I would never be bored because I could have things the way I want them.

(A privacy fence and a pool in my back yard)

Hell I would probably move to the country if money were no object.

Plus I would get my sister and her family moved back to Iowa


Good thing dreaming is free.


Good morning two


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