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Now that I am not working it doesn’t really matter that it is Friday.

I mean I am happy for those who love their Friday’s.

I use to be one of them.

But when my new job starts I will have to work every other weekend so……Friday’s won’t be that big of deal.

And I know for my sister this is her Tuesday so……

It is only Friday to those who work Monday through Friday.


I’ve been packing up our tubs for vacation here in a week and two days.

We are taking food so I have been buying food and putting it aside for vacation.

It is a process and I keep wondering other things…..

Like there will be 13 of us, will there be enough silverware?
Should I take silverware?

I am taking my pillow and a blanket for our air mattress’ and I am sure my husband will take his too.

I imagine they will have blankets and pillows there at our cabin…….but….I like my pillow.

I generally don’t sleep well if I don’t have my own pillow and blanket.

Weird I know but hotel rooms generally have too fluffy of pillows.

At any rate… is a process……packing and making sure I have everything I need….medicines, bathroom needs……..and stuff for the grandchildren to do.

Yeah I know I should leave that to the parents but they aren’t always on the ball when it comes to their children’s entertainment.


Of course I still have a week to get it all together.

What can I say…..I am weird when it comes to planning things…..


cabin in Lake Delton Wisconsin

Here is where we are staying in Lake Delton Wisconsin.






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