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Countdown To Vacation~   Leave a comment

24 hours from now we will be on vacation and at our cabin.

I sure hope everyone has a good time and enjoys each other’s company instead of arguing and being miserable.

The weather is supposed to be cooler up there so God willing it will be.

I hate the thought of dealing with more hot and humid weather.

My son was here and giving me a hard time for everything I was taking.

But since he hasn’t ever been on a week long vacation and wanted to make sure everyone has everything they need, he doesn’t get it.

Not one of them would think of taking extra toilet paper.

Because Lord knows we have to have more toilet paper when over half of the people are female.

No one would think of that.

Probably no one would think of things to entertain the kids either.

I have quite a bit of stuff  for them to do.

So what if I am taking 5 tubs of stuff and three coolers full of food?

At least I am prepared.






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