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Well here it is Saturday already close to noon.

Got groceries and am doing laundry now.

It is a beautiful day in Iowa today.

Mid seventies.
Just heavenly.

I cleaned the basement but will wait to clean the rest of the house closer to the 4th

They say it will rain that day which will be a major bummer but it isn’t like I can stop it.


I was telling my sister that there is a job at the local nursing home I wish I could apply for.

But I already am committed to working at Casey’s so I feel like I have to take that job since I said I would.


Why WHY WHY didn’t I take the entire month of July off?
I know why, due to money but damn it sure would be nice to be off for the entireĀ  month.

Guess I have to be happy with being off the last week of the month.

Onward and upward right?

valentines day

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