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Swimming with grandkids~   Leave a comment

Aaron, Keira, Kayla and I are going to go swimming here in about thirty minutes.

I promised them we would so we will go for a few hours.

Paula is supposed to be here this afternoon sometime and all four younger grandkids are staying overnight.

Not sure if Paula is bringing her friend Lindsay or not.

I haven’t heard from her at all today.

I am not even one hundred percent sure she is coming to visit.


Took the three that I am taking swimming to Subway for lunch  and we  will have corn on the cob and probably sandwiches for dinner tonight.

I can’t imagine the kids will think corn on the cob is enough to eat.

If it was Rick and I, that would be enough.

But we eat six to eight cobs at one setting.

I imagine they will eat one or two.

Tomorrow is our annual Fair parade and then the fair starts on Wednesday and runs through Sunday

I don’t think we will go but never say never.

A busy weekend that is four sure.









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