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Well I thought I would hear from the Assisted Living nurse today but she didn’t call me.

I left a message on her voice mail for her to call me when she could.

Hopefully she will tomorrow.


I finished painting my room.

I have a headache from the fumes.



It looks nice and I am glad that I am done with it.

I will wait a few days before beginning the living room.

We have Aaron and Bailey tomorrow and I plan on taking them swimming.

From eleven till noon it is free swimming so then we will come back home, eat lunch, Rick will lay Bailey down for a nap and Aaron and I will go swimming again if he wants to.

Supposed to be 95 degrees tomorrow and we won’t be outside unless we are at the pool.



Feels like bed time.

And it is almost ten pm so I suppose it is time to go.

Grandkids will be here by seven thirty.


I came across a few pictures that I want to share….


This one above is of my son and his daughter in the Gulf Of Mexico three years ago.


This one above is of my son Brian coming out of the water


And this one is of the sun setting on the gulf in 2014~



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