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Annoying~   2 comments

I am hardly ever on Face Book any more.

I find it pointless.

But when I do get on I find it very annoying that people have to take selfies and post them on face book.

Why does it annoy me?
I am not one hundred percent sure but it is like people are sayin “Look at me, don’t I look good?”
Which I detest people who like to bring attention to themselves.

People who have to post pictures just to be validated that they look good or have someone say “You look beautiful”

It irks me.

Why do people need that validation?
I don’t get it.

And I know it is every one’s right to post whatever they want on face book, it is just one more reason why I never get on it.

:Queen of the desert Australia



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Fall~   Leave a comment


I am looking forward to Fall……..

Looking forward to cooler weather.

Too much heat and humidity.

So Fall looks pretty dang appealing.

Also I love the holidays.

And God willing Kathy will be moved back to Iowa by then.


Posted July 21, 2017 by Marge in ramblings