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47 Meters Down~   Leave a comment

My husband and I went to this movie earlier today.

Not sure why as I hate sharks and the thought of them but it was the best movie to see that is out right now.

Needless to say it was scary and insane and I would have lost my mind if that had been me in that cage surrounded by sharks.

Of course I would never have gotten into that cage and gone below in the ocean to begin with.

Just insane to me.

But I know a lot of people like things like that.

Seeing the shark swim by the boat would have been enough for me and chances are I wouldn’t even have done that.

Me in a small boat in the middle of the ocean with sharks?

Not a good mix.

47 meters down

It was ninety minutes long and very suspenseful.

The water was beautiful though.

I just like it better when I am on solid ground and looking at it.




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