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I just don’t know~   Leave a comment

I write my sister an email every day and most every day she writes me back before she goes to bed.

I have a situation and I am not sure how to handle it.

My sister Kathy says to go with what I want.

So I am not sure what to do.

There is a couple of job openings that I would like to have.

However I have already taken the job with Casey’s.

My sister says to quit Casey’s and go for the other job.

I want to but is it the right thing to do?
I am quite certain that I will make more money at the other jobs.

But do I dare just up and quit Casey’s?

I think I will call the other lady this morning and see what she has to say about the jobs.

If I need schooling to complete the job I will stay with Casey’s.

If not I will probably try for the other jobs.

I HATE letting Casey’s down but I don’t think I am really going to like it there……



And while I am sure I would eventually ‘fit’ in at Casey’s I just don’t feel like it is going to be a good ‘fit’ for me.



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