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Looking back through that rearview mirror   1 comment


If you could change things in your life would you?

If you knew then what you know now, would you change anything?

Would you give more?
love more?
Love less?

Live for yourself and or be more pleasing to others?
What would you change?

what would be the most important thing for you?
What would be the less important?

How great it would be if we were all granted two lives, the one we know we must live and the one we live recklessly living to the fullest and taking all those chances and yet loving the excitement of it all.


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Another weekend of grandchildren   Leave a comment

here we are upon another weekend, and mine will be filled with grandchildren.

Keira and Kayla will be here in a bit, and Aaron and Bailey will be here later.

all four will stay overnight.

we will have Bailey tomorrow for most of the day while Aaron’s parents take him to Disney on Ice in Moline.

Keira and Kayla may stay over night tomorrow night too, but that is uncertain right now.

Monday morning will be here before we know it.

But I love my Nana time with my grand babies.


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