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well here it is the day after Christmas 2014.

our actual Christmas day was a bum day.
it may as well have been a weekend, since we did nothing with our children.
That is tonight at my son Matt’s house.

I am at work and have no desire what so ever to be here.
originally I was on vacation and on my way down to Florida.
But I cancelled that trip and am in Iowa.
Which is fine.
Paula will be there tonight so that will be quite lovely to have all four children together.

I was sick with the flu/and or food poisoning on Wednesday (I hesitate to say food poisoning simply because I wasn’t horribly vomiting sick)

I think it was the Chinese food I ate for supper Tuesday night.
I was sick all night and all day on Wednesday.
Yesterday was better but I still didn’t feel great especially if I got up and did much.
Today I feel fine.
Just no ambition to work.


I need to get some groceries after work and then go home and shower, let our dog out and do a few things around the apartment before heading to Wilton.

hopefully everyone will be in great moods and it will be a good time.



Posted December 26, 2014 by Marge in family, heartfelt, my loves, ramblings

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