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living with less   1 comment

I  have to admit it.
even though I don’t really want to, because I think people will give me the “I told you so” speech, but I have to admit I miss my


I miss my yard.
I miss the quietness and not having to listen to someone tromp up and down their stairs, on both sides of my apartment.

I love our apartment.
it is perfect for Rick and I.

it is cozy and quite cute.
but I do miss the quietness of having a house.

I wonder if we will ever buy another one?

a house I mean.
sometimes I think I would like to, but it is simpler to rent.

easier to not have to pay taxes and or  have to fix something if it is broken.

AND if we don’t buy another house, I can retire in less than 17 months.

that appeals to me greatly

still……..after I get some debt paid off,  we shall see what is out there ……and maybe buy another house…….



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a new laptop   Leave a comment

so I finally got a computer in my office here at work
A new laptop.
it is quite nice and I feel rather like royalty now that I have one.

it wasn’t my idea.

my night custodian complained and complained until the media center teacher got on the ball and got us one.

it is nice to be able to sit here at my desk and do whatever I want on the computer without a bunch of little kids around me like I have had to since I started here some 15 months ago.

it’s the little things I guess.


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