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so I just put in for having the first two full weeks of May to go to Florida.

driving down and stay on the ocean side for a week before driving to the gulf side to visit my sister and her family.

Ideally it would be great for all of my kids and grand children to go with us, but I don’t see that happening.

so Rick and I will go by ourselves like we always do.

And then next September we will go West again.
Probably Wyoming.

I so love taking vacations!

59848_3757998918304_1622872444_nDaytona Beach

10396275_10202096986855968_8596615670026118707_n Gulf of Mexico



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so there is a house for rent between West Liberty and Iowa City that I would love to have.
is it a necessary thing though?
no of course not.
But it would be nice to be in a house again.

I haven’t called and asked a price or anything yet.
but it has a big yard and a two car attached garage…..

I think it would be ideal for Rick and I.

guess I will get the number this afternoon and call them…….


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My husband came through the surgery just fine.

he is doing well with just taking Tylenol even though he has hydrocodone if he wants to take that.

he is trying to tough it out though and not use it.


he has to wear a bandage around his entire arm for two weeks and then when he goes back to the doctor, it will get removed and he will start physical therapy.

over all I am impressed with how tough he is being.

of course we haven’t had to take a shower yet or anything major so…..

but no doubt he will do fine.


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