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so I just read my sister’s blog.

and she wrote about things she wants.

things that she doesn’t think is asking too much for, and seem like basic necessities of life.

I often think of the same things she said

that life is not moving forward in the direction we want it to.

I don’t¬† feel like I ask for much either.

I would love my children and grandchildren to spend more time together with my husband and myself.

to be happy with themselves and each other.

I often think I would like another house one day, but in all honesty where we live is just fine.

I hate my job, but I know it is good for me to work because it is exercise and I need that in my life.

more of it actually.

I would love to be thinner, but that is a work in progress.

I would love to be debt free, but that too is a work in progress.

I know I need more hobbies and things to occupy myself.

I need to worship with my Lord more.

I ache and really wish that it would be possible for people to stop being so ugly and hateful in this world and that we could all live in peace.

no more wars, and or killing.

I wish I could obliterate child abuse in every form there is.

but if I could have one thing that would make me the happiest it is to know that my grandchildren will all grow up to live healthy happy lives.

do I ask for too much?


I really don’t think so………..

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