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Pretty pictures   Leave a comment

WyomingI so love pretty pictures

im not sure where this is, but it’s exceptionally gorgeous.

colorado-picI believe this is in Wyoming


And  My Utah Of course


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Sitting on……..waiting   Leave a comment

I’m sitting here in the recovery room waiting for Rick, who is having his arm surgery to repair the torn tendon.

the doctor told him it would be a 2.5 hour surgery.

its been almost two hours.

i was teasing Rick this morning I said “man you can’t even do the dishes until that bandage comes off”

he just laughed.

he does dishes 90 percent of the time at our house.

Not that I mind doing them, he just offers and hey, I’m not going to fight for it.


truth be told he doesn’t realize how difficult it is to do things one handed.

it is definitely one of those things a person takes for granted.

simple things like buttoning his shirt or pulling up his pants when getting dressed.

it will all be difficult for the next week.

so I am sitting here waiting….watching Good Morning America and playing on my iPad.

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