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I realize I am a day early on the new year’s resolutions or two if you count the actual day, but I have time today to write a blog and I won’t again till New Year’s day.

Tomorrow I am going to have lunch with my youngest sister and then we are having my grand daughters stay over night so their parents can go and celebrate bringing in the new year, so I will write my new year resolutions here and now

first and foremost

I want to be kinder, less critical of everyone around me.

I want to be more positive.

I want to swear less

I need to lose weight and I must realize that every day is a new day, if I mess  up one day, I can reapply myself and keep positive and lose the weight.

I need to stop spending money.

if I want to retire at 55, which is just 17 months away then I need to get bills paid off so I can.

I plan on only going on one vacation a year.

only one.

I need to just be content with who I am.

and some days that is hard to do.

but I know I can do it.





Posted December 30, 2014 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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