Monday blahs   Leave a comment

well here it is Monday afternoon.

I have thirty minutes before I can go home.

my  night custodian didn’t come into work due to a cough.

he has missed at least ten days of work this school year so far.

not sure how our boss feels about that but we were warned at the beginning of the school year to watch our calling in sick.

I have the blahs due to two things, 1- my job, I’m so very sick of cleaning up after people.

and two, it is fifty out now and raining but it is going to start cooling down with a bit of snow later.

I don’t mind winter if I don’t have to shovel it and or deal with it here at the school.

I know by now I should be use to it.

but it just depresses me.

I would love to move to Florida to Daytona Beach and live on the ocean and come back to Iowa once a month.

that would be ideal to me.

but the chances of that happening are next to none.



Posted December 15, 2014 by Marge in ramblings

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