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I am in a really horrible funky mood.

not sure what it is.
I feel like I hate life right now.

it is odd and quite strange and I haven’t felt this down and blue for a long time.

as I told my sister in an email, I feel like I am a beached whale slowly dying

I don’t understand my own mind sometimes.
I really don’t

I would love to just get in my car and drive away

I know the job is the worst of it.
I am bored out of my mind and so very tired of cleaning up after people

I feel like there is no excitement in life.

every single day is a repeat of the day before.

every single day nothing changes.

what is wrong with me?
I haven’t a clue, but I hate feeling this way.

I honestly just want to run away………

Posted January 24, 2012 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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