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Scotty McCreery has a song on his cd titled “Dirty Dishes”
and it goes something like this

“I want to thank you Lord, for noisy children and slamming doors, toys scattered all over the floor, a husband who works hard all day long, and comes home dead tired every night, a never-ending messy kitchen, and dirty dishes”

“for my little busy bees, begging mama, tell me can we please, for all those little sticky kisses, and dirty dishes”

It is a good song and I haven’t gotten all the words right there, but the concept is, a messy unorganized house, is a house full of healthy happy children and roof over their heads, a husband who has a job, and a woman who is busy cleaning up after them all.

My own thank you to the Lord are these

I thank you Lord for my 4 healthy children, for their significant others and spouses.  For taking care of my children and their families every day and seeing them all safely home to their homes at night.
I thank you Lord for my four beautiful incredibly wonderful healthy grandchildren.
All gifts from YOU!

I want to thank you for my health, for Rick’s health and for our jobs.
our home, or ability to make ends meet.
For looking after my siblings and their families and looking after Rick’s family as well.

I want to thank you Lord for this life.
For letting me live in a country where we can live freely and worship who we want to.
I want to thank you Lord for having your son die on the cross for all of our sins.
For taking care of us every single day.

It is in your son, Jesus Christ’s name I pray Lord


Posted January 25, 2012 by Marge in family, God, heartfelt, my loves, ramblings

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