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I wonder how many people are going to make New Years Resolutions?
And I wonder if most, like myself break them even before the first month is over with?
Every year I make the same resolutions.
Lose weight, eat healthier..find a different job…etc….
And every year I fail miserably

This year I am not making any.
What is the point really?

I need to lose weight but my weight obviously doesn’t bother me too much because I never can stick to a diet and actually lose weight, except a pound or two here and there.
I do try to eat healthier and I do try to make a conscience effort to be aware of what I eat and drink.

As far as the job goes, I can’t get a better job without going back to school to do so.
And while I am not against going to school for something, I have no idea what, and I can’t see going that much further in dept until I have a definite idea on what I would go back to school for.

Besides I don’t need a career.
I just need a job I like well enough and have my time off to spend with my loved ones.

take my vacation once or twice a year and to be able to live comfortably.
And I have all of that, I just don’t care for the job I have.

But….until I figure out what I want to do….I’m not leaving this job.
So…I’m stuck so to speak.

At any rate, there will be no New Years Resolutions for me.
First time in so long…. I can’t say I have ever not had a couple there…..
so here is to a first time…..
Raise your margaritas guys and gals and toast the new year!!!
2010 here we come!!!!

Posted December 29, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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