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it feels like bedtime   Leave a comment

okay it isn’t even seven o’clock at night but I feel like it is bedtime
I have a full belly and with this cold crappy weather I am sitting home inside and I honesty feel like I could go to sleep

As usual there is nothing on TV except the same old thing.
It gets so old.

I need to find something to do for the next two hours (okay maybe the next ninety minutes) before I go to bed.
Maybe I will work on typing my story into the computer

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less than four hours to go……   Leave a comment

I’m down to three and a half hours of this place today and I am bored.
I really need a job that stimulates my mind.
This one does.

I know I am constantly complaining about work but I just am bored with this job.
Who wants to clean something to have someone come a long and dirty it all over again.

I should consider myself lucky because my husband’s boss just got told that he is done at the end of the year.
They didn’t renew his contract so it is over for him.

So I should quit bitching right?
At least I have a job.
At least I am not losing mine at this money spending time of the year.

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Christmas music   Leave a comment

I’m sitting here in my office listening to Christmas music.
I have five to 8 cd’s of Christmas music somewhere, but with the move, I honestly don’t know where they are.
I may have given them to Goodwill many months ago when I was going through closets and things I no longer used.
hard to say with me.
I tend to go on whims.

Anyway Bing Crosby and Andy Williams are my favorites to listen to when I listen to Christmas music.
I may add a bit of Elvis in there too but maybe not.

It is putting me more in the mood for Christmas.

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Consider me gone   Leave a comment

“If I’m not the one thing, you can’t stand to lose, if I’m not that heir to the heart of you, if you don’t get drunk on my kiss….if you think you can do better then this….then I guess we’re done, let’s not drag this on, consider me gone……….”
this is Reba McIntire’s new song
Consider me Gone

I really like it and it is so true

there are just too many liars out there.
Too many people who only think of themselves and don’t think of who they could be hurting.
Or don’t care if they do know they are hurting someone.
The song hits home for me in more ways than one.

Honesty and faithfulness are the two most important things in a relationship.
if you don’t have those, then you are screwed.

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9 days until……..   Leave a comment

Christmas…it is coming in nine days
Are you ready?
I am for the most part.
Still have a bit of shopping to do and will finish that up tomorrow night with my daughter and grand daughter.
Other then the baking I will start next week at this time, I am ready.
No I haven’t gotten the food yet I will do the shopping for that this weekend but I am about as ready as I can get.
are you ready?

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Grapefruit   Leave a comment

have I ever mentioned that I love grapefruit?
I rarely buy it and eat it though because it is so messy.
But I do love it.
I add a bit of salt and it brings out the sour yet sweet taste.
I guess I love it because it is sour
I’m a sourpuss at heart.
But I do love a grapefruit.

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how cold is too cold?   Leave a comment

I said to a teacher here yesterday at school that I thought it was horrid out with the cold temps.
She laughed and said, “You think it is horrid at ten below wind chill? What do you call it when it is twenty-five or fifty below windchill?”
I said “It is incredibly horrid then”
she laughed but I thought to myself it is horrid out.
Anything colder is a living hell.
When you walk out the door and the wind and air hits you like you are stark naked that is bitterly horrid cold weather.

yes it could be worse and probably will be before the winter is over with but it is horrid out there.
And bitter hell.

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