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my three-year old grand-daughter says “Dumb” is a bad word and no one should say it, however she isn’t here and I am going to say it and say it often.
I am dumb.

I was looking on-line for college courses and they gave an example of algebra questions for testing.
I don’t have a freaking clue about it.
Tonight while my daughter and I are shopping I am going to Barnes and Noble and pick up a book on Algebra for dummies because that is what I am.

I have to get the basics down because there is no point in taking any tests if I don’t have a freaking clue about algebra.

I have a friend who is good at math and I hope if my husband can’t help me, my friend can.
I have to do something to enlighten this brain of mine.

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another sleepless night…..   Leave a comment

okay it wasn’t totally sleepless but it sure felt like it at the time

my husband was tearing down forests with his sawing logs while I was trying desperately to block it out and get back to sleep

I did thankfully but I woke up with the alarm (something I rarely do, I’m always up before the alarm goes off) feeling groggy and not nearly rested enough.

I don’t know the answer to this problem.
I really don’t.
separate bedrooms were ideal but now that we live with my son and his family separate bedrooms isn’t an option

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a few inputs on killing the mountain lion   Leave a comment

a friend of mine and my husband both told me that mountain lions can kill and will kill swiftly and without any remorse.

That if you or a child were to go walking in the woods that chances are if there is a mountain lion in there, you won’t come out alive.

Okay, I get that but I still think it was heartless for that man to shoot that lion.

According to my husband lions are territorial and this one probably came from the Dakotas and even though he was passive in the tree chances are, he would have gotten hungry and preyed on something soon.

My response to that was, every one takes chances every day to go walking in the woods or whatever…..
keep a closer eye on your whereabouts and those of your children and know the dangers.

Don’t just kill an animal without trying to at least capture it and take it some place where he isn’t a threat to people.

just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

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