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just read on face book that my uncle, the only living relative of my mother’s family might have esophageal cancer
it isn’t definite yet but there is a possiblity.
He is a nice man.
Granted when I was younger I thought he was quite gruff and unhappy most of the time but now that I am older and wiser he is just a gentle giant.
I know every one has to leave this earth some time, and I know he is getting up there in age, but it will be sad to see him ill and maybe pass on, any time soon.
I know without a doubt that my mother will welcome him with open arms in heaven but…yet…it will be quite sad for those of us here on earth to lose him.
Prayers are needed.

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Tiger Woods….   Leave a comment

okay I just have to say people that …….you really need to get a life if Tiger Woods is so important that he makes headlines every day on the web!
So the man had an affair, whoopie!
What man doesn’t?
I bet all those men throwing stones out there have either had an affair and or have seriously thought about it.
Cut the guy some slack!
The only people this should matter to is the man himself and his wife and kids.

I can’t stand how people are so quick to judge others and criticize them.
you know that saying that goes something like ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones’?
So the man made some mistakes.
Who doesn’t?
I just can’t believe people are so wrapped up in it.
Who cares?
How does it affect anyone’s day to day life?
get over it already!
So he cheated!
Again it is no ones business but his and his families.

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while I love not working I have realized that it is insane of me to take time off and just sit at home doing nothing.
Okay we have been moving and that has taken a lot of time but….now that we are moved the days are stretching out before us and as I wrote previously there is too much togetherness or something.
I need a break I guess.
SO while I have enjoyed these last nine days off ….I’m thinking from now on I won’t take this large amount of time off unless I am going some where …..
because people get unhappy and then tempers begin to fly…..

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upgrading to…..   Leave a comment

I hate being around crabby people and I hate having to deal with crabby people.
I asked one question this morning and got yelled at and basically told to stop bitching.
I asked one question!!!
I hate having to deal with crabby people.
Makes me want to get as far away from them as I possibly can.
Maybe it is just too much togetherness, but feels like we are upgrading to a fight……..

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