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I got home from work yesterday afternoon to a sick grandchild.
She had a low grade fever and was stuffed up and feeling crappy.
I took off my coat and she came to me wanting me to pick her up.
I did and said “What’s wrong baby?”
And she promptly answered by puking all over the both of us.
It was curdled milk
she was crying and upset and after the shock and the horrific smell overwhelmed me I got us both cleaned up.
her father took her up stairs where she slept for almost three hours before her mother came home from work and woke her up.

She was fine after that except for a runny nose.

now mind you I am the mother of four children and I was a nurses aide for over two years AND it is my job at the school to clean up vomit messes when ever someone gets sick, so I have a bit of experience in cleaning things up
but it was the shock to have her vomit all over me, down my shirt and into my bra and the God awful smell fill my nose in less than a heartbeat.
I love my grandchildren more than I love my own life, and honestly Kayla can vomit on me any time she likes.
I just wasn’t prepared and it was an exciting “Welcome Home”

Posted December 29, 2009 by Marge in family, Kayla, my loves, ramblings

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