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I can’t get on my work email and it annoys me beyond words!!
So frustrating!!!

on a different note I have been outside shoveling snow, just in case we get some ice in the next day or so I will have the snow off the sidewalks and ramps before hand.
Not sure if we will or not.
KCRG website makes it sound like the ice will stay north of Interstate 80 and those of us south of 80 will just get rain.
Sounds good to me.
Drive safely people!!!

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I’m cold, that is the first thing going round and round in my head.
I’m sure it has to do with me being tired and that naturally makes me cold.
It isn’t that cold out, 29 degrees and it almost feels balmy compared to those mornings when the wind chill was below zero.

Brittany Murphy passing away on Sunday.
32 years old and she passed away.
I think I remember reading some where a long time ago, that she was diabetic and if she had flu like symptoms I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up saying she died from the H1N1 virus.
Still 32 is so young and she had such a long life a head of her.

The weather is suppose to get bad, and while I refuse to fret over it, my sister in law and her husband are suppose to be flying to Iowa from Las Vegas on Thursday (Christmas eve) and I wonder if they are going to make it in?
We are suppose to have this big family reunion with my husband’s family because my sister in law hasn’t been back for the holidays in years.
BUT if she can’t make it home, then I personally think we should cancel the gathering.
(We just saw his family last Saturday at a different reunion)
Too much family time I guess, I would have to say.
(Maybe it is just because I am tired)

I have tons of baking to do and I keep putting it off.
Not sure why except to say that with two little ones under foot it is hard to spend too much time in the kitchen.
my adorable Kayla loves to hang on my legs and hug me, while I am trying to cook
And I pick her up quite a bit but I can’t cook (or bake in this case) one handed.
I have put her in her high chair next to me and this makes her happy for a short time but generally that isn’t close enough to me.
She is so adorable and I treasure her more every day.

My darling Keira is getting mouthy and I swear the other night I was talking to a 13 year old instead of a 3 year old, the way her attitude was growing.

I actually spanked her the other night.
First time I have in her 3 years and I hated doing it but she wouldn’t behave.
I apologized for it later but she deserved it and she knew she did.

Well this is long and I have run out of things to ramble on about so ….
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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